Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warming up the Homeless

Last night I went with my Mom and Dad and my Brothers to give away blankets, food, coffee, hats, coats, gloves, scarfs, and socks to people that live outside in Seattle. We went last night because it was very cold and was suppose to snow.

While we were giving away stuff, a guy came up and said to one of our friends named Laurie, "My ex-wife hit me!" Then the woman came and hit the man in the head again. Then they started fighting all over the place. They were punching and screaming at each other. Me and my Brothers, we got scared and I started crying.

Just then, my Dad and Grandpa grabbed the man, and put him in the back of the truck and drove him away from us. They came back pretty soon and everything was OK. It was pretty scary though.

Lots of people who live on the streets came and got warm food and blankets and clothes. They were happy to get these things. My Dad gave one of them some money, too. It was a good night.

Then in the morning I was coughing a lot. So I went to the Dr. He said I would be OK and gave my Dad a prescription for me. So then I went home.

Well, that's all for now... thanks for reading!

Lil Mak

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Oliver said...

Makinna, what a beautiful heart you have. You showed a lot of empathy taking care of the less fortunate. I'm sorry you saw a scary argument, but your dad had everything under control. I felt warm just reading your account. -Oliver