Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warming up the Homeless

Last night I went with my Mom and Dad and my Brothers to give away blankets, food, coffee, hats, coats, gloves, scarfs, and socks to people that live outside in Seattle. We went last night because it was very cold and was suppose to snow.

While we were giving away stuff, a guy came up and said to one of our friends named Laurie, "My ex-wife hit me!" Then the woman came and hit the man in the head again. Then they started fighting all over the place. They were punching and screaming at each other. Me and my Brothers, we got scared and I started crying.

Just then, my Dad and Grandpa grabbed the man, and put him in the back of the truck and drove him away from us. They came back pretty soon and everything was OK. It was pretty scary though.

Lots of people who live on the streets came and got warm food and blankets and clothes. They were happy to get these things. My Dad gave one of them some money, too. It was a good night.

Then in the morning I was coughing a lot. So I went to the Dr. He said I would be OK and gave my Dad a prescription for me. So then I went home.

Well, that's all for now... thanks for reading!

Lil Mak

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bad Night

Dear Readers,

Last night I went to the hospital to check my eyebrow. It was bleeding because my brothers and I were playing a tackle game and I got tackled into the desk. The Dr said I would need five stitches. He used a special curved needle that looks like a fish hook and used thread to sow up my cut. I screamed and cried and laughed too! The Dr asked me to tell him what my kittens looked like and I told him they had ears... that made me laugh!

The Dr was really nice and made me feel comfortable. It was still scary and I am glad it is over. That's all for now... thanks for reading!

--Lil Mak

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How My Kittens Were Born

I first figured out my kittens were born when we got home from camping and were looking at pictures from the good old days. Then we heard little meows. So then me and my brother Brayden went to get flash lights to look under the front porch. We saw little kitty faces and Anne Elyse (the mother cat) blocked the way under the front porch so that we couldn't get them.

After that, I asked my dad if he could see them but he said no. Next, I ask my mom if she could see them and she said no. Then I asked my brother, Jordan, if he could see them and he said yes! We gave him our flashlight and he looked under the porch and said "Wow, very boring."

So then we went inside to wait and see if the kittens would come out... and they did! We were very quiet and sneaky and we went out onto the front porch but then they went back under. The next morning I was in first grade and I went to school and told my friend Logan that we had new baby kittens.

That's how my kittens were born. Thanks for reading!!

--Lil Mak

New Day

It's Tuesday and I have to go to my second grade class soon. I am feeling lazy today. I still need to comb my hair and brush my teeth before I go. Getting ready for school is hard work. I do like our pretty Christmas tree. It is red and silver with white lights. It is beautiful and I helped decorate it. And I love my little kittens because they are so cute and playful.

That's all for now... thanks for reading!

--Lil Mak