Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How My Kittens Were Born

I first figured out my kittens were born when we got home from camping and were looking at pictures from the good old days. Then we heard little meows. So then me and my brother Brayden went to get flash lights to look under the front porch. We saw little kitty faces and Anne Elyse (the mother cat) blocked the way under the front porch so that we couldn't get them.

After that, I asked my dad if he could see them but he said no. Next, I ask my mom if she could see them and she said no. Then I asked my brother, Jordan, if he could see them and he said yes! We gave him our flashlight and he looked under the porch and said "Wow, very boring."

So then we went inside to wait and see if the kittens would come out... and they did! We were very quiet and sneaky and we went out onto the front porch but then they went back under. The next morning I was in first grade and I went to school and told my friend Logan that we had new baby kittens.

That's how my kittens were born. Thanks for reading!!

--Lil Mak

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