Sunday, May 22, 2011


hi every body! i just wanted to share that i was in a play called the shack it's based on a book by Paul Allen. In the play there were a lot of singers, dancers and people hanging on scarfs. I was a dancer me and my friend got to dance while.............. DANNY GOKEY SANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! right in front of us while we danced it was so awesome and i got a picture with him! he is now like my dad's best friend. Also my mom was in the play she sang a gospel version of some where over a rainbow Danny Gokey said she did i great job i think that too. Now my parents have been going out of town a lot to do the show in different places like Idaho, and i get to be in the one for Idaho. I can't wait for when i get to go to Idaho!!!!!!

well that's all for now folks,

lil mak! :)