Monday, August 23, 2010


hi people! today i went to logan's house and we went to ladderwood park, then went to newport high school and picked blackberries, and then we went to burger king and got cherry icee. Then we came home and looked at logans posters. She rocks then we typed this piece of writing. we ate our Blackberries.

that's all for now folks

lil mak

Friday, August 20, 2010

Logan's house

hi yal sorry i havent written in a while but there is something i want to share with you..... i am at logan's house and were gonna have a multi family garage sale with logans family but at my house. we are gonna have a lemonade/ cupcake stand. the cupcake's are home made by logan's mom.we are going to rite aid for a sign. we are gonna decrorate the sign. i am so excited for the sale .

p.s its tomorrow please come.

well that all for now thanks for listening bye