Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hey everybody!!!! its been so long since I have posted! I've been really busy! Like, I just started  middle school! Middle school  at Tillicum is a lot of hard work but its also really, really fun!!! In fact I signed up for choir, which was very fun, I had a awesome teacher named, Mrs. Meyering. She is super nice and a great singer. I also signed up for drama. Drama is really fun with my teacher Mrs. Bullington. Drama was really fun because we play a lot of acting games. Those were just my electives theres also math with a very fun teacher named Mr. Mackie, LA which is also with Mrs. Bullington, SS, Science and PE. I had a really fun time this school year and I cant wait to do it again and be a 7th grader!!!  But I really miss my old school with all my teachers especially my 2nd grade teacher Miss Rotz, she is my absolute favorite teacher. Well, have a great summer!!!!!!

that all for now folks! bye!


PS I was really excited about getting my ASB card!!!

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