Friday, August 5, 2011


Hey everybody, sorry its been a long time but i just wanted to share that i went to Idaho with Annie and Logan! Its sooooo fun Ive got to tell you what we did........ so when first got to our house that we got to stay in it was soooooo pretty!(at least i think it was) the first thing we did was go look at the water and it was so pretty. After that we went straight to our room's to get our swim suits on. Then we no no no then i jumped in before everybody then Logan then Annie then my brother Jordan who is 14. It was freezing! I had sooo much fun mostly every day we would jump in the lake! We also got to go to the beach and ride jet skies! If you dont know what those are they are like motorcycles on water. Then on the last night we had smores they were delicious! So then the next day we said goodbye to Annie's family then goodbye to Logan's family. We got to stay longer we got to fish it was sooooo fun! Finally we went to......................................... SILVERWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! and if some of you don"t know what that is its like a wild waves but in Idaho! I had a really fun time i hope you guys can go to Idaho too!

thats alll for now folks


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